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The premier construction experience.

Guided by efficiency, anchored by value, driven by results.

Skender combines Lean process with high-performing teams to deliver unmatched results and maximum value. Our refreshing approach builds lasting relationships.

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We don’t just do Lean. We are Lean.

Skender is a process-driven contractor. Our value-optimized project delivery is a proven path to increased quality and improved ROI—more efficient, sustainable and reliable.
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What sets the Skender culture apart

We make room for every voice to be heard and we encourage peer-to-peer accountability. We are a culture where every individual’s contribution is valued every day. It inspires us to transform the building experience for our clients, partners, and ourselves.

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Skender is more than a company, it’s a community. Doing good and giving back matters to us.

We proudly deliver exceptional work and do it with the utmost care for our teammates, partners, clients, neighborhoods and the environment. Meaningful change and positive impact have always been key to the Skender way. We recognize our responsibility and strive to build a legacy of integrity, make lasting contributions and forge valued relationships.

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