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Extreme integration.
One Skender.

We believe true partnership means delivering a range of services as limitless as a client’s vision. So we’re designing an integrated structure unlike any in the business: investing in a team of designers and launching an advanced manufacturing company. By connecting these capabilities with our existing construction offering and Lean philosophy, we are unifying the building process—making it more streamlined, efficient and imaginative. Ultimately, not only is this structural shift the ideal complement to our culture of respect and innovative spirit—it’s also what allows us to create a completely revolutionized experience for the companies we serve.


Skender is revolutionizing manufactured buildings.

Discover what’s possible when we build without limits >


Building something new should be an inspiring collaboration. And the process should be seamless. At Skender, we apply our proprietary Lean approach to every element of a build—ensuring quality control while simplifying the organization and transmission of all project information. Our focus is eliminating barriers while prioritizing efficiency. What we deliver is a fully realized vision.


Our passion for innovation is a part of who we are. And now we’re bringing that spirit to the full building journey—beginning with our integrated design team. Our industry-leading experts combine superior skill with boundless imagination, delivering truly original results. And because this capability is vertically integrated, we can execute with timing and cost savings that our competitors simply cannot match.


It’s not enough to reduce pain points. We want to eliminate them. By incorporating advanced manufacturing and reinventing the concept of modular construction, we are continuing to make good on this promise. Our manufactured buildings look like traditionally constructed buildings—but operate with more exacting standards and technology, minimal waste, greater energy efficiency, and driven by an elite team of builders operating in a safe, controlled environment. It’s the ideal complement to our Lean process and cross-functional philosophy: a key component of a unified Skender.

Discover what’s possible when you build without limits.

We are one Skender with one process. A single source of truth, providing the ultimate platform for integration, transparency and efficiency. Within that streamlined approach, we offer a full range of core competencies and capabilities.

  • Preconstruction & Planning
    Our design support ensures constructability, mitigates risk and plans for schedule efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Target Value Design
    Target Value Design identifies the budget and project priorities earlier so the team can work in concert to maximize value, not eliminate it.
  • Last Planner System
    A leading-edge approach to achieving the most reliable schedule possible—optimizing production management and enabling harmonious project team collaboration.
  • Design–Build
    As an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build approach, this project delivery method economizes the schedule and reduces overall cost.
  • Virtual Design & Modeling
    We often manage multi-dimensional models or other virtual representations to proactively visualize and resolve issues.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Through vertical integration, we standardize equipment, material and systems to leverage scale and supply chain management, and reduce costs.
  • Safety & Quality
    Before we embark on any project, our team of full-time safety and risk professionals build a safety and quality plan that’s specific to the job and addresses unique client needs.
  • Sustainability
    We incorporate smart green practices in every build. Most project managers at Skender are LEED-Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) and experienced in energy-efficient projects.
  • Technology
    Driven by optimization and innovation, we integrate operations-focused technologies, such as virtual design and construction (VDC) and building information modeling (BIM), with emerging technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and drone imaging.