Process-driven construction.
More efficient, sustainable, reliable.

Building something new should be an inspiring and smooth collaboration. At Skender, we apply our proprietary Lean approach to every element of construction—ensuring quality while simplifying the organization and transmission of all project information. Our focus is maximum productivity, optimal client value and a worry-free experience.


Quality is more than a result.
It’s also a process.

Enabled by our data-driven technologies and construction software, we collaborate better and deliver greater efficiencies. Our proven approach has earned a customer satisfaction measure that is more than double the industry average.

Listen better. Plan better. Build better. Skender provides the ultimate platform for collaboration, transparency and efficiency. Within that streamlined approach, we offer a full range of core competencies and capabilities.

  • Preconstruction & Planning
    Our design support ensures constructability, mitigates risk and plans for schedule efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Target Value Design
    Target Value Design identifies the budget and project priorities earlier so the team can work in concert to maximize value, not eliminate it.
  • Last Planner System
    A leading-edge approach to achieving the most reliable schedule possible—optimizing production management and enabling harmonious project team collaboration.
  • Design–Build
    As an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build approach, this project delivery method economizes the schedule and reduces overall cost.
  • Virtual Modeling
    Combining BIM models with mixed-reality smartglasses, we can help owners, end users and consultants make decisions while walking through the virtual space.
  • Project Management
    We deliver a productivity boost with high-performing teams powered by leading construction software. Our projects, resources and financials are managed on one platform that bolsters your ROI.
  • Safety & Quality
    Before starting any job, our award-winning, certified safety team assesses project risks and develops a comprehensive safety and quality plan tailored to the project.
  • Sustainability
    We incorporate smart green practices in every build. Most project managers at Skender are LEED-Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) and experienced in energy-efficient projects.
  • Technology
    Our data-driven technologies, such as laser scanning, 360-degree photo documentation, drones and virtual modeling, give rise to construction efficiencies, advancing timelines, improving collaboration and enhancing quality.
  • Modular Consulting
    With extensive R&D experience, we analyze multi-unit projects for modular-conventional feasibility and help our clients determine the appropriate mix of on-site and off-site building to streamline schedules.