Skender doesn’t just do Lean. We are Lean.

Lean is a value-optimized approach to building—a vital part of the way we do business. We combine lean best practices with our individually tailored construction offerings, allowing us to deliver a refreshingly innovative approach with tangible benefits.

A proven path to improved ROI, lean construction optimizes processes to be more efficient and sustainable, less time-consuming, and less risky—all by emphasizing the elimination of waste. In lean terms, waste is anything that does not add value, including extra material, unnecessary waiting and underutilized resources.

Our philosophy is rooted in our passion for perpetual innovation.

We believe the most effective and efficient way to build is by eliminating barriers. Treating teams and trades as separate entities leads to dysfunction and waste. At Skender, we know there’s a better way.

Skender’s dynamic approach establishes and sustains the client vision without costly handoffs or delays. It’s a seamless process with no surprises.

Lean is at the heart of everything we do.

At Skender, we are taking everything we do to the next level because the journey is what distinguishes us. Grounded in our lean infrastructure, we harness the power of efficiency and our proactive energy to anticipate problems before they disrupt a project. The result is an experience unlike any in the industry, paving the way for our clients to relax and enjoy the ride.

Data shows that lean construction works.

Dodge Data & Analytics research demonstrated that “high lean-intensity projects” were 3 times more likely to complete ahead of schedule and 2 times more likely to complete under budget. Dodge found that of projects that did not implement lean methods, 61 percent finished behind schedule and 49 percent completed over budget.

Lean Construction Institute (December 2016)

McKinsey Global Institute reported that productivity can be boosted 50 to 60 percent by rethinking design, improving procurement and supply chain, improving onsite execution, and infusing technology and supply chain.

Reinventing Construction (February 2017)

The benefits of
lean project delivery

  • Reduction in overall cost
  • More decision-making power
  • Accelerated schedules (faster to revenue for client)
  • Transparent pricing and reliable budgets
  • Less risk, fewer mistakes, fewer RFIs and fewer unresolved issues
  • More consistent, high-quality services
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • High-performing, right-sized teams
  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater value
  • Optimized process
  • Removal of waste
  • Continuous improvement