Skender Construction

  • Meet The Team

  • John W. Show Bio

    “The leaders listen to us”

    John W.

    Senior Superintendent & Team Leader

    “A lot of GCs have no team spirit—you get in and out of the jobsite then move on to the next. I was working for a large general contractor and I realized I wanted to work for someone who knew what I did for them, not what a department manager told them what I did for them. The leaders listen to us and when they tell you they’re going to do something, they mean it.”
  • Lauren T. Show Bio

    “Everyone here wants to be challenged”

    Lauren T.

    Project Manager

    “Everyone here wants to be challenged, continuously improve and be their best. We work hard, but we also take time to relax together. From our internal teams to our clients and subs, Skender is people-oriented and relationships are most important. My relationships with clients and project partners go beyond professional; I’ve established friendships along the way.”

  • Ashlee Y. Show Bio

    “I get to work on awesome projects”

    Ashlee Y.

    Senior Project Manager

    "My job is always challenging and changing. I get to work on awesome projects, and I’m constantly moving. Ever since I started, I was encouraged to jump in head first and make crucial decisions to keep projects moving, and that has really allowed me to grow as a project manager. They empower me and it has helped me step up and be the project manager I’m meant to be. "

  • Brian B. Show Bio

    “There’s no complacency here”

    Brian B.

    Senior Project Manager & Team Leader

    “Skender Construction is not afraid to give people a long leash and an opportunity to succeed. At a younger age, they trusted me to manage a wide variety of large-scale projects in Chicago. They put trust in me, and I can grow at the pace I want to grow without being obstructed. There’s no complacency here—everyone wants the company to succeed at all levels.”

  • Belinda M. Show Bio

    “Every person is an important part”

    Belinda M.

    Project Accountant

    “I look forward to coming to work each day because of my colleagues.  I work with an amazing group of people, and the executives have shown me that they believe in me and trust my ability to take on any task without second-guessing my skills.  The most important part of our culture is, no matter your role at Skender, every person is an important part to the operations of the company.”

  • Luke D. Show Bio

    “Skender is not GC-centric, they are service-oriented”

    Luke D.


    “Skender has a comfortable, open and honest work environment. Skender is not GC-centric, they are service-oriented and they understand that construction is just one piece of the puzzle. When we work with people, we’re not just steamrolling through a situation with only our goals in mind; we treat our owners and partners really well. Our decisions are based on wanting to do the right thing for them.”

  • Kate C. Show Bio

    “Skender looks at talent holistically”

    Kate C.

    Talent Development Manager

    “Skender looks at talent holistically. I loved managing construction projects and I was always interested in process improvement and teaching. It was really empowering that the leadership team not only recognized my interests and talents but gave me an opportunity to utilize them through my new role. They’re not just giving lip service when they say they promote and develop people from within.”