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Build without limits.

This is how Skender does modular.

A groundbreaking application of our integrated design, construction, and manufacturing model, the Skender modular process combines the most cutting-edge manufacturing practices with unbound creative vision and our proprietary systems. It allows us to completely customize the approach, giving clients the choice of conventional on-site work, a fully executed off-site manufactured build—or any level of hybrid combination.

Faster, more cost-effective, and unmatched in quality, it reinvents the concept of modular construction as only we can. And in the worlds of interior, healthcare, and multi-unit construction, entirely new possibilities are about to take shape.

This is the future of the craft, miles from how it’s always been done. This is building without limits.

A process revolution.


After creating the steel framework, our team of experts outfits each module up to 95% completion while still in the factory. We provide virtually endless design options for any multi-unit project. Through vertical integration and a robust network of strategic relationships, our design-built MEP systems, interior finishes, and even the architectural facades are all assembled and inspected to the highest quality standards in the weather-neutral factory environment. Each step of the ambitious manufacturing process is executed with exactness to ensure a smooth transition from the facility to the project site.